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We here at I GOT MY REFUND and it SUCKS believe in free speech and good information  along with some tax humor.   We parody tax time and other tax websites online. 

We started our initiative to due to other websites posting poor information about the tax refund process, and what in our opinion was mistreatment of users of the internet community.   We  believe users should still not actively participate in sites like IGOTMYREFUND.com, until the administrator of that page improves the policies and training of the moderators.  We feel there have been too many examples of poor judgment in the past conducted by their volunteer team and no acceptance of responsibility of Mod behavior by Jemar the site administrator.

We have suspended operation of our Facebook page due to time constraints and some positive changes on other tax information communities.  Largely making our Facebook page and this website unnecessary for the moment.   However if we do see wide spread abuses taking place again.  Rest assured we will rise up like an angry pimple on the face of the abusers.   We wish you the best of luck this tax filing season.

  We look forward to serving you in the future.

If your looking for the IGOTMYREFUND.com website your in the wrong place.

Refunder in Chief:   Al  Gityourmoney

and it  

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